The Story of the Toile Designs and Products

Artist Sonia O'Mara

Toile is the heart of Sonia O’Mara Art+Design. Toile – as re-envisioned by Sonia for the 21st-century – depicts city sidewalks and buildings as picturesque and bucolic as 19th-century farms.

Sonia’s first venture into toile design came when she created the exclusive and award-winning “New Orleans Toile” for actor Bryan Batt and Tom Cianfichi for their home decor boutique, Hazelnut, in New Orleans.

The next step for Sonia was to commemorate scenes from her daily life. Her “Manhattan Toile” has lyrical urban scenes from neighborhoods throughout the city and her fresh “Hamptons Toile” features instantly recognizable landmarks such as the Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen.

Committed to using local manufacturers and staying as sustainable and socially-responsible as possible, Sonia researched local sources for Irish linen, found silk-screeners in Brooklyn, and seamstresses and handbag makers in Manhattan, to keep the project local and authentic. Her goal is to support the New York City textile and garment industry, which is rapidly shrinking as designers outsource to cheaper economies.

Discovering some of the last remaining treasures of the industry, Sonia personally got to know the people who make all of her products. Their stories of the industry’s glory days are fashioned into every bag. Each of her products is woven, printed, and sewn by families who’ve been at the center of New York’s garment history for generations.

Sonia O’Mara Art+Design products are authentic, locally-made items that use sustainable and environmentally-safe materials. They are made by people who are paid a living wage and are designed to stay useful and beautiful for generations. Each piece is the realization of the artistic inspiration of Sonia's native environment combined with the craftmanship and care of NewYork Garment District artisan.  Each piece is made with pride, one at a time, in NewYork,

A percentage of the profit from each sale is donated to the New York Restoration Project and The Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum – which are commemorated in Sonia’s unique fabrics.

Her products, like her paintings, are sold right out of her art studio.

For more information or to contact her write to, or (917)701-7573